Voltas is a market leader in the Home AC market. But their products were an assortment of machines procured from varied sources. In its leadership position, Voltas wanted to create a new set of products that would have a cohesive Visual Brand Language that denoted brand persona and values. Voltas asked Desmania to create a range of 3 Window ACs and 3 Splits. The design had to transform the image of Voltas as a old and traditional brand into a modern and vibrant brand that could connect with the youth.


Team Desmania studied the market to gain insights and also analysed the product offerings from competition vis. the own range. It created certain elements that would depict modernity while retaining the trust of Voltas. A combination of Edge and Float was smartly fused to create products that were distinct and cued contemporary styling. Float was well articulated to deceptively create vents for 360degree intake of air, thereby improving the efficiency of the products.


The design has helped Voltas increase its market share and further retain the leadership. Modular designs have helped the client introduce several models aimed at different target groups, with a variety of colour and finish options. This has helped the consumers in creating an emotional connect with the brand.


Desmania helped client in creating a visual brand language that has helped in subtantiating the brand in a big way. The product construction has made in a format to give an opportunity to create multiple product and refreshes by making only small investments. The design also helps in achieving desired star ratings for energy efficient range.