Strategic Design Partnership

Desmania Dart
  • Product Design
  • Engineering & Detailing
  • Packaging Design
  • In store solutions
  • Branding
  • Design Strategy
  • Prototyping
  • Design for MSME

We build strong relationships with our clients to understand their business objectives and then provide strategic design solutions that are profitable. SDP is an evolved program that helps in activating a brand from a holistic design perspective. SDP offers a multi-disciplinary approach to bring alive a brand and provide user experience

Desmania Dart


In a year long retainer-ship with Orient, Desmania worked on make-over of existing range of Orient TPW fans. The products were categorized strategically based on material, hierarchy in features and finishes.

Product nomenclature was made more catchy and easy for customer understanding. About 40 products were re-launched within the new categories which were targeted to young and premium market space.

The refresh was a whooping success for Orient in repositioning the brand as a new-age brand offering innovative solutions.

Desmania Dart