Desmania conducted a year long SDP with Orient Electric for make-over of their existing Gratia fan, design of all new trendy fan and design of an innovative fan with unique selling feature. Desmania conceived and design a LED mood fan, apart from the distinct Adrian fan and Gratia Class. Bottom housing of the LED fan contains a light module which can be operated with remote. This module offers an array of 256 colors with several presets like rhythm and flash.

Adrian fan is a unique decorative fan which targets the modern age of India. With its smart telescopic downrod design it provides the flexibility of mounting with or without false ceiling


We started with a brainstorming to create a product with integration of different technologies with basic fan. Out of the different options we found lighting resonating best with fan in the given time frame.

Desmania worked on several modules of lighting offering mood lights, presets, color changing lights and intensity variation lights with subsequent detailing Desmania built a fully functional prototype demonstrating various effects possible


The new range from Orient was an instant hit with Spectra as the image driver for the brand. Spectra fan pioneered as the first LED fan offering 256 shades in a light fan.

Orient as a brand could also reposition itself as a young and upbeat company with new age products


The strategy was to makeover the brand perception and create refreshes over a period of one year which included product refreshes having less lead time and new product development involving mold development and proof of concept.

Gratia which was a running model was taken up for product refresh through Color and finish followed by adrian, smart new age fan and Spectra, innovative LED fan.