Beverage dispensing machines are a huge source of revenue for Nescafé’s consumables such as coffee and tea powder. In order to increase consumption, Nestlé Professional briefed Desmania to bring a sense of sophistication to the dispensing machine and provide a rich experience to users consistent with the Nestlé brand. This entailed a machine that would set a benchmark for beverage dispensers & would look relevant & contemporary even five years hence.


Aside from addressing various usage issues in current machine through design research, the design was based on the idea that a better, more delightful user experience would boost the machines usage. Even shop owners would take pride on having an aesthetically pleasing machine and take better care of them. Being a commercially used machine the design also had to be robust and allow for easy serviceability and replacement pf parts.


Given the benchmark of a Nestlé machine designed in UK, one of the aims of the project was to demonstrate to Nestlé Global that high-end, innovative and intuitive designs for the global market could be produced in India.


Through the provision of innovative features, rarely seen in commercial coffee machines, and disruptive aesthetics, Nescafé has introduced a vending machine that clearly stands out from the clutter and provides user with a premium coffee drinking experience.