Desmania partnered with Kunstocom for a year long retainer ship. The engagement with the client was to create a tech driven youthful brand in the fast growth domain of air coolers. The brief was driven around creating an iconic product that symbolizes the brand. Thereafter several products were to be made in various product categories to cater to different market segments.

With many established brands and a crowded market it was a challenge to create product category with a unique language and distinct imagery


The new products helped the brand to make inroads into the established markets in the domain. The products were perceived to have international and hi-tech appeal. The brand also got the opportunity of sale through different formats like e-commerce and modern retail.


While ideation Desmania worked with a single objective of creating top in the line products with international appeal. Desmania created a visual brand language of product line with soft surfaces, bulging between non-tangential curves. This VBL was used as a cue to design various other products under the umbrella brand.