Desmania partnered with Goodricke for branding refresh of ‘Chai’ in the mass segment and introduction of ‘Khass’ in the mid segment of the market. Branding of ‘Chai’ had to be progressive in nature with cues of existing pack and brand positioning.


We started by identifying the key characteristics and intent behind use of color of existing pack. Two colors were specified connoting the strength of tea. Desmania introduced progressive color pallette for both categories to cue modernity and premiumness. Desmania created branding directions and vetted with the consumers thorough prototypes and FGD to arrive at winning packaging designs


The new design became an instant hit and was accepted well by the target audience as well as it attracted many new buyers. ‘Khass’ packaging was introduced into the market as a premium offering in the segment. The packaging design cued premium appeal with traces of heritage in the packaging