Dominos, which has traditionally been a take away QSR, wanted to introduce a sit out restaurant in their Indian chain. The guideline was provided from their parent. Desmania was asked to create an Indian-ness and warmth in the interiors, while maintaining the brand language and broad guidelines. The objective was to meet the emotional & sensorial likes of Indian consumers. We were given an opportunity to create some elements that can engage the consumers with some fun activity.


At the outset, we did an ethnographic research to understand the behavioural aspects of the consumers as well as the supply chain. Basis the insights obtained, we provided several options for the layout and colour scheme that could create a warm ambience and ease in usability of space. Several types of graphic options were explored before reaching a monotone rendition, which created a boldness without noise. The end was prototype execution with the guidelines for replicating the design over a large landscape of restaurants.


Dominos could see a tremendous surge in their sales with the introduction of these new spaces over their only delivery restaurants. The new landscape had an inviting ambience and a feel of a restaurant. The design was translated across hundreds of restaurants across the country and it became the brand language of Dominos in India. Brand perception and sales saw a dramatic upturn.