Gift Packaging must have a strong to tell! Since the occasion was festive in Indian context and the imagery modern, we had to strike a balance with our design directions. We chose ‘Kalash’ as a metaphor for developing the packaging. We conducted design research in several retail formats to understand the environment and limitations, Stakeholder research was conducted to understand the assembly and transportation requirements.


Desmania won the India Star best Packaging award in 2011 for Alpenlibe eclairs gift Pack. The packaging was made in single sheet development with one pasting which made the transportation cost very economical. Money saved was utilized on printing techniques using hotfoil stamping and embossing which increased the pack perception by leaps and bounds.


The strategy was to create a fusion between tradition and modern and present it in a manufacturable and cost effective format to the end user. In doing so Desmania not only created a distinct looking packaging but also met all the functional and stakeholder requirements