The engagement with the client was to create a tech driven youthful brand in the fast growth domain of urban water purifiers. The brief was driven around the creating an iconic product that symbolizes the brand. There after a series of products had to be made to cater to different market segments. With a diversified and crowded market like India, it was a challenge to differentiate the product in a big way on the retail shelf and also make inroads into the bastion already occupied by some big brands.


We started with a brainstorming to create a product that does not look like a water purifier. The idea was to create a blend of an appliance and a gadget, while retaining the DNA of water through colors. So we replaced the tap with an electronic actuated nozzle and placed the tank behind. Just this jugglery transformed the look into a disruptive one.


Livpure became an instant hit as a brand, with demand soaring over the supply. This helped the brand to make inroads into the formidable walls of the already well established brands in the domain. The brand hit a critical mass of 5000 nos. within the first 3 months of its launch!


The strategy was to create a big impact with conscious disruption in look and feel, while incorporating the trends. Thereafter the approach was to do rapid product development and populate the range with atleast 5-6 products, before the competition wakes up to the challenge created by the first product.